Forget cremes, sprays, surgery, or that "ancient Chinese secret", the best way to look and feel younger is...sleep!

Have you ever woken up next to your significant other and thought "wow, they look like they did ten years ago!"? Well, there's a scientific reason for that. Actually, many scientific reasons for that.

The first way sleeps help you un-age is, it helps you lose weight. Obviously, the more sleep you get, the more rested you are, which means you'll have more energy for exercise. Apparently, that's a good thing.

Your skin grows 30 times more in your sleep, than when you're awake. Not that you're ever going to wake up with a bunch of extra flabs hanging off of you, but growing more skin means it will be taught, elastic, and supple.

Lastly, human growth hormone (HGH) works the most during bed-time. According to this story from

HGH is a key player in keeping us looking young even after we’ve finished growing. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and is in high levels during childhood and adolescence. After we’ve grown, HGH levels drop off and stay at low, steady levels during adulthood. Deficiencies in HGH can lead to reduced muscle mass, slower metabolism, more belly fat and sagging skin. Sleep more, and you’ll likely increase your HGH levels.

Basically, adding more sleep to your routine will not only make you feel better and more refreshed, but it will actually make you look younger.