KISS have constantly been in the news lately, whether it be quarrels between current and former members regarding their 2014 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or lawsuits that may or may not have merit. However, this story came out of nowhere, as four vandals, wearing masks of KISS guitarist Paul Stanley's iconic 'Starchild' face paint, trashed more than 25 cars at a New Jersey auto body shop.

On March 8, four masked vandals used metal pipes, shovels, a fire extinguisher and spray paint to cause approximately $40,000 worth of damage at SB Maaco's in Saddle Brook, N.J. The vandals were actually caught on the shop's security cameras, all four masked by white faces with a black star over the right eye in a bizarre tribute to Paul Stanley.

A car alarm sent the masked vandals running, but according to a CBS New York report, the group returned just a few moments later.

Store owner Walter Karol believes the men knew they were on camera the whole time. "I mean they're right in front of the camera," says Karol. "I mean it's three feet away this time," Karol alludes to a past incident where unmasked individuals vandalized the same auto body shop back in September.

Police are currently investigating the situation, noting that one vandal was wearing a cast while another sported a New York Rangers jersey. A destroyed Mercedes Benz is also currently being dusted for prints.

To check out footage of the vandalism plus a full CBS New York news report, watch the video above.