As part of the Excellence at 7220 programming and in connection with October being National Bullying Prevention Month, 17 UW student-athletes and four head coaches, along with a member of the UW Spirit Team, have taken part in creating a short video titled Wyoming Student-Athletes and Coaches Take A Stand Against BullyingThe video is designed for elementary-age students and teens in the state of Wyoming, who may be dealing with this issue either as an individual being bullied or as an individual who is bullying others.  The UW student-athletes, coaches and spirit team member provide statistics, tendencies, encouragement and hope for all throughout the video.
The video has been provided to the Wyoming Department of Education, which is making it available to school districts across the state of Wyoming and encouraging administrators and teachers to show their students the video as they individually deem appropriate.  The thought is that the student-athletes and coaches at UW have positive influence over young people across this great state and may be able to help initiate positive change regarding this national issue of bullying.
“We know that bullying is an issue that affects a wide range of young people in our state and across the country,” said Tom Burman, University of Wyoming Athletics Director.  “We felt that it was also an issue that we may be able to make a positive impact on through the visibility and influence our UW student-athletes and coaches have in Wyoming.  We are proud of the young people in our program and our coaches for taking a leadership role in helping address this issue, and we are hopeful that their message will help make a real difference in the lives of children across Wyoming.”
“As student-athletes, it is important to be aware of the actions we take not only within our sport but also outside of it,” said Gabrielle Gibson, UW golfer and president of UW’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.  “Therefore, the Cowboys and Cowgirls are taking a stand against bullying to show our support for the kids across Wyoming who are being bullied. There are children that look up to us as student-athletes, and we want to let them know that they are not alone. Even if our message only reaches one or two kids, it is assured that we have taken a step in the right direction to not only provide awareness but also help put a stop to bullying. We believe that everyone should have a voice in the state of Wyoming. Bullying has been a prevalent issue for many years now and by taking a stand, we want to encourage others to take a stand with us.”
“For our UW student-athletes and coaches to have an opportunity to reach out to young people across the state of Wyoming, with the possibility of really making a difference in the life of even one, by taking a stand against bullying, is a privilege,” said Julie Manning, UW Senior Associate Athletics Director for Sport Administration and Senior Woman Administrator.  “The message we are sending to those who bully others, and perhaps more importantly sending a message of hope to those being bullied, is powerful and genuine. 
“Our Excellence at 7220 programming, provides awareness and education to our student-athletes on all sorts of issues of national concern -- bullying is at the top of that list.  By producing this video, we understand that we might be able to make a difference.” 
Last fall, student-athletes and coaches in the UW Athletics Department produced a video titled UW Student-Athletes Taking A Stand Against Sexual Violence.  The video drew national attention, as well as regional and local attention. 
UW student-athletes are keenly aware of issues of national prominence and acknowledge the positive role and influence they often have over young people across the state and region.