The new Fantastic Four reboot has got nothing but bad reviews, and after watching it myself, I can almost see why. Although the casting was awesome, the storyline wasn't the best. You can't really blame the actors either. After all, storytelling and direction are just as important, if not more, then the acting itself. But the overall bad ratings for the reboot have managed to unearth a comic book unholy grail... the previously unreleased 1994 low-budget super hero film, Fantastic Four.

This version is much closer to the comic book (much like it's successor in 2005 starring Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan Grufford & Michael Chiklis), but think a lot smaller budget and of course, nowhere near the level of CGI and special effects. After watching a good 30 minutes of this version and you'll understand why it was never released, but it still makes for some decent nostalgia, even if for some of us more hardcore comic book enthusiasts, it's kind of a let down. At any rate, after more than two decades, we're just happy to finally see it... cheesy or not.