Promising "the ultimate look at the alternative punk and metal scene in the '90s" and "a must see for serious music lovers," upcoming documentary Underground Inc. offers a retrospective view at some of the loudest, rawest music to come out of the decade, featuring new interviews with veterans from an array of bands that includes Helmet, Queens of the Stone Age, Primus, and Bad Religion.

It all adds up to what the press release announcing the project describes as "the real story of the music of the '90s" — one that bypasses the Seattle-based narrative traditionally used to describe the sound of the decade and delves into other influential bands and local scenes. If that sounds a little ambitious for a feature-length documentary, it's worth noting that Underground Inc. boasts public stamps of approval from a number of the musicians featured in the film.

"During the '90s, there was so much great music, but unless it was 'grunge' then it very often didn’t get as widely covered by the media or get heard about on a larger scale," reflects Failure vet Kellii Scott. "As most people know, there was a plethora of really great and creative music happening all over the place. This documentary in particular not only emphasizes those unheard voices, but even better, gives you those voices verifying the whole picture from their point of view having been there and lived/survived through it. I think it’s not only important as a testament to the full picture but I believe it’s the most important documentary covering that great golden age of music."

Filming for Underground Inc. is complete. While the filmmakers plan their next move, check out the exclusive trailer embedded above and follow the project's social media updates here.

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