A tragic accident occurred Friday morning (Aug. 15) when a man driving an 18-wheeler transporting Motley Crue's equipment collided with another motorist in Jefferson County, Ala. The crash sent Crue's trucker to the hospital, while 47-year-old Michael Wayne March, whose vehicle was hit by the 18-wheeler, died at the scene.

The accident occurred at around 4:15AM in the southbound lanes of I-65. Fox News' local TV station reported on the crash later in the day. "It appears that an 18-wheeler jackknifed and hit another vehicle. The driver of the 18-wheeler went to the hospital, the other driver died. Alabama state troopers are investigating this accident."

An employee at Pelham, Ala. venue Oak Mountain Ampitheatre, where Motley Crue and Alice Cooper were booked to perform on the date of the fatal accident confirmed to Fox that the 18-wheeler was carrying Crue's equipment for their 'Final Tour' dates. Despite the disastrous crash, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper still performed as scheduled that night.

Watch the full Fox News report in the video above.