If we assume there is a direct relationship between causation and correlation, then we must conclude that Trent Reznor has turned into a grumpy old man. This interpretation of reality is supported by Reznor's own words in a recent interview with the Daily Record. His interview precedes the kickoff of Nine Inch Nails' first tour since 2009.

Reznor spoke about the young bands he shared stages with at big music festivals. He called rock music "stale," and lamented the enthusiasm of the crowds in the dance tent compared to the crowds in front of the rock stage. He blames this situation on artists who he thinks are more interested in getting attention than doing something interesting.

"I get the sense that a lot of bands today are designing themselves to get a good review in the hip blogs and that is probably the safest and most cowardly thing you can do as an artist," said Reznor. "If you have something to say, then say it. Express yourself and break the rules."

Harsh words from the man who brought industrial music into the mainstream. But Reznor maintains the clout to run his mouth. His new album, 'Hesitation Marks,' wowed critics and fans alike. That's because it's effing good. Artistic integrity is Reznor's wheelhouse. So maybe he knows what he's talking about, even if he does sound like a cranky old bastard at times.

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