Being bored - and a pervert - I was reading this story on about some weird sex laws. As expected, you come across some strange and funny laws that make you wonder "WTF?!?".

The most disturbing of these laws is what's on the books in Indonesia:

In Indonesia it is illegal to masturbate and it is punishable by decapitation.

Three things about this;

A) How in the heck would they know? Do Indonesians make a lot of noise when they're playing "Pound Puppy"?

B) How is their murder rate not through the roof? All of that pent up rage/anxiety/sexual frustration has to have some sort of recourse.

C) If I can't play whack-a-mole, I'd rather be dead anyway. While the cost is high for a self-love session, I think it's worth it.

Next time you're dongling your doodle, think of the poor folks in Indonesia. Or, think of their women. Covered in maple syrup. Wearing a teddy. Hand-cuffed to the bedpost...