It's time to count down the Top 25 Industrial Rock + Metal Bands! With so many different styles to pull from within the genre, this was one of our more difficult list in regards to the ranking considering how many key acts have molded their own niche within the style.

The industrial genre encompasses an immense array of sounds within the fairly interpretive scene. The mixing of electronic elements with rock and metal tendencies is where what we're aiming to magnify here, but drawing the line was rather difficult as some of the best acts that fall under the umbrella are entirely electronic, not casting much of a shadow on rock or metal. Meanwhile, some of these bands like Throbbing Gristle and other early pioneers had such a lasting impact on what came later down the road that it felt we would have critically erred in their exclusion, despite the lack of true rock hallmarks (aside from the sheer abrasive qualities that defines the rock movement on the whole).

This list shines light on certain pockets of industrial, taking a best-of-the-best approach from each scene. What will not be found in the list are electro-industrial, aggrotech and other sounds in that vein from leading bands like C-Lekktor, Suicide Commando, Grendel, Funker Vogt, etc. Early death industrial, martial industrial and hints of power electronics all teeter on the edge, but were favored for inclusion alongside top flight industrial favorites like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and shock legend Marilyn Manson.

Scroll through the gallery at the top of the page to count down the Top 25 Industrial Rock + Metal Bands!

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