Many visitors to Wyoming comment on how beautiful the landscape is, but even more amazing to some folks is the extremely low crime rate in the Cowboy State.

Living in or growing up in small town USA can give us a pretty safe sense of security. Especially when it seems like everybody seems to know everybody.  An example of this came when I moved out to California for a short stint.  Upon a quick stop at a convenience store one afternoon, I of course had left my truck running outside as I'd only be a second.  The clerk noticed and as I walked inside, said I was crazy for leaving it running and that I would have my vehicle stolen in a heartbeat if I continued that practice.  So Yes, I changed that practice pretty quick.

But here in Wyoming, vehicles left running or parked out front of homes or businesses with the doors unlocked and motors running, is an everyday occurrence.  That plus it seems everyone in Wyoming has a gun, so criminals beware!  But our western values and slower pace of life here in Wyoming means we take care of one another better than other states.  So I was pretty happy to see several Wyoming towns top the list of safest places to live in the country.

With thousands of people coming to the Cowboy State to visit each year and many choosing to move and live here, we thought we'd share the top 10 safest places to live and visit in Wyoming according to

10 - Farson - is just a short drive north from Rock Springs and this sleepy little town enjoy's a 51% lower crime rate than the US Average.

9 - Green River - Also close to Rock Springs, residents there too have a 51% lower crime rate than the national average.

8 - Cody - The gateway to Yellowstone National Park has a 58% lower crime rate than the national average.

7 - Glenrock - Just off I-25 between Casper and Douglas, Glenrock is a close community that has a crime rate that is 59% lower than the national average.

6 - Laramie - Home to the University of Wyoming and the largest town on the list, the college town has about a 59% lower crime rate than the national average.

5 - Guernsey - Crime rate is 67% lower than the US Average.

4 - Evanston - 80% lower crime rate than the nation.

3 - Thermopolis - property and violent crime is around 75% lower than the average for the nation.

2 - Worland - violent crime rate is 88% below the national average!

The safest place to live or visit in Wyoming is:

1 - Lander - with a violent crime rate that is 93% lower than the national average!!

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