Some of these city names would lead us to believe the residents are antisocial or severely dehydrated.

There are several aspects of your life that you simply cannot control, like your family or your metabolism (gosh, I've been fighting this one for ages). Another thing you can't change is the town you are born in. You'll always be from that town, but owning it is completely up to you.

So what's a girl to do if you're from a town with a silly name?

Well, I'll leave that up to you. I'm just here to report the funny names of cities right here in Wyoming (or "Yoming" as some call it). has found the strangest city names in our state and we are owning it! They're odd, giggle-worthy, but they are ours.

10. Wamsutter

9. Story

8. Meeteetse (... Youteetse, we all Teetse)

7. Recluse

6. Medicine Bow

5. West Thumb (Don't even get us started on that East Thumb)

4. Crowheart

3. Jay Em (code word for putting on your Jordans)

2. Chugwater

1. Ten Sleep

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