Tony Iommi has composed music for an upcoming episode of ‘CSI.’ The Black Sabbath guitarist took to his website today to give fans an update and to share the news.

Things have been relatively quiet in the Black Sabbath camp since they wrapped their tour back in July. Today, Iommi wrote a note on his website telling fans he has been “writing” and “mostly putting ideas down rather than complete songs.” He added, “I like to create all sorts of moods with my music and then decide later how they might be used.”

Iommi continued, “One specific piece though is for the CSI TV series,” which airs Sunday (Nov. 2) on CBS. The guitarist added, “I was asked if I’d be interested so I had a look at the footage and came up with an idea they seemed to like. It’s not very long but it was different working with images rather than just music." Iommi seems to be enjoying composing as he concluded, "I’d certainly be up for doing more.”

This is not the first time Iommi’s music will be heard on the long-running CBS drama. Back in May of 2013, Black Sabbath appeared in the season finale of ‘CSI,' performing in a club.

Over the weekend, Iommi also took to his website to address the passing of legendary Cream bassist Jack Bruce. He wrote, “Very sad to hear of the passing of Jack Bruce, a major influence in music and an amazing bass player and singer. He was a hero to so many other players.”

You can hear Iommi’s music on ‘CSI’ this Sunday (Nov. 2) at 10PM on CBS.

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