Motley Crue may be on their 'Final Tour,' but rest assured that each of the individual band members have already begun mapping out what a post-'Road Crue' world will look like. Tommy Lee shared a little bit of insight on his future in a recent interview with Newsday.

He explained that he's not ready to reveal exactly what's on the horizon for himself, but he does state, "I am writing and putting things aside. It's a different direction from my last solo work because I'm changing around all the components. It won't be something you've heard or seen before. Believe me, I'm not done after this."

Lee also spoke about the potential for collaborating with Nikki Sixx some more down the road, adding, "We talk about that. I'm sure we will. That dude literally lives less than a minute away from me."

The drummer also should be in demand once Motley's 'Final Tour' concludes. He's already hopped into the studio to work on the Smashing Pumpkins' 'Monuments to an Elegy' album.

As for the current trek, Lee says the band members are focused on bringing the best show possible and they have been filming some of the shows for posterity. The drummer says he envisions a year-and-a-half run, with the group winding things down in Los Angeles where it all began. Though nothing has been finalized yet, the drummer says the band members have been talking about possibly playing their final show on the Sunset Strip where they first made their name.