True to his word, Motely Crue's Tommy Lee was behind the drum kit at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium for the second stop of the Stadium Tour last Saturday night (June 18,) playing on three songs, despite suffering through four broken ribs. Lee is still playing against what he says are doctor's orders not to. The Crue are headlining the tour with Def LeppardPoisonJoan Jett & The Blackhearts, with Classless Act in support.

"For those that don't know, about... 12, 13 days ago, I broke not one, not two, not three, but four fucking ribs... right here! CRACK!" Lee told the Miami crowd in an f-bomb laden explanation similar to what he said onstage in Atlanta. "And I'm like are you fucking kidding me, dude. Fuck! We've be waiting to long (for this tour) my heart is broken... along with my ribs."

Singer Vince Neil brought Lee down from the drums after the third song of the set, "Too Fast for Love," to say his piece to the audience.  Watch the video of his speech, and the band's whole set, below.

"So the doctor goes 'Listen bro, by the way no fuckin' playin','... and I'm like what the fuck am I gonna do. So, I'm gonna pop in and out as much as I can.  It hurts like a fuckin' bitch!" Lee emphasized, holding his ribs as he doubled over, briefly.

Then the drummer pointed out his backup for the tour, Tommy Clufetos, who had taken his place on the drums. Clueftos also doubles as the drummer in Ozzy Osbourne's band. Lee then promised he'd be back in a bit. He rejoined the band later to play piano on their final song before the first encore, "Home Sweet Home."

Motely Crue's fans are showing their support on social media.

The Stadium Tour was in Orlando last night (June 19), and hits Washington, D.C. on Wednesday (June 22).

Motely Crue Set at the Stadium Tour in Miami, Tommy Lee Rib Speech @ 16:45

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