Aside from lonely older people, nobody likes telemarketers. Not even telemarketers. Odds are, they look in the mirror every day, hang their head in shame, and ask themselves "Where did my life go wrong?"

If you are like me, and really dislike the random calls, put a stop to them with a lawsuit! While you can't completely end the calls, you can avoid repeat offenders by taking them to small claims court for a total of $500 per offense. There's a couple things you need to know first:

You have to ask to be added to their Do Not Call list, and you need to tell them you want a copy of the list sent to you. They will be able to call you one more time as an "accident", but every time after that, you are legally entitled to sue for $500...per call. You can also sue them if you never receive your copy of the DNC list - even if you never hear from them again.

Be courteous (I know, it's hard), and make sure to get their name, number, and company information. Keep a log of calls, including dates and times. It's just a little work, for a lot money.