Here we go again ... someone else is "predicting" the super volcano under Yellowstone will erupt. Now it comes from a man who claims to be a time traveler from the year 6491. Not only is he a time traveler, but he is also from another galaxy. Hard to believe? We agree.

For a moment let's try and believe what this man says is true. Let's also see what facts we can confirm. Then we will question everything.

The man who is going by the name of James Oliver describes himself as an archeologist of cultures whereas he was sent to study Earth. Now he is stuck in 2018. In this video, he predicts that Yellowstone will blow its top soon. The major problems will come from the ash clouds that will halt air travel throughout the nation. The thick ash will destroy any motorized vehicle that tries to travel through its mist. How soon? Oliver predicts is may or may not happen in the next 200 years.

That's a bold yet not very specific prediction. What facts can we verify as truthful from this video?

The volcano below Yellowstone National Park hasn't had a major eruption in over 640,000 years, and that makes an event overdue. Oliver states this in the video accurately. These are facts widely documented on the Yellowstone website and places like the BBC. The description of what would happen after a volcanic eruption is accurate as well. All we have to do is look at known events like Mt. St. Helens.

What items are questionable? Let's start with the source. The interview and video was published by ApexTV. They describe themselves as "one of the biggest voices of paranormal on YouTube." Their videos are an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of time travelers, monsters, unexplained phenomenon, and UFOs. As far as being a creditable news source, I think they are not.

The loophole Oliver gives for not being able to give specifics on the future is two fold. The first is because he has to be careful not to create time ripples. These are instances where a time traveler can change the future by his or her actions. This is also known as the butterfly effect. Remember the Back to Future moves? The other is that time is fluid, and the future is not set in stone.

Personally, I do not believe James Oliver is a time traveler from another galaxy. The predictions he gives are nothing new nor does he bring new or relevant info to the table. Plus all he is doing is praying on the fears of people. His warnings and predictions are too close to some political agendas of the day. His loopholes are too convenient. I cannot support this as truth. If you view this is science fiction, however, it is quite entertaining.

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