A Casper man has been given a lengthy prison sentence for committing murder.

Forty-six year old Thomas Miller was sentenced to 60-years to life in prison, after a jury found him guilty of second degree murder, in the shooting death of his wife Natalie.

That sentence will then be followed by an additional eight-to-10 years in prison, after a jury found him guilty of aggravated assault.

Prosecutors say in late March 2013, Casper Police received a call from Natalie, saying her husband was going to kill her.

While en route to the 2500 block of Desmet Drive, officers received another call from a neighbor saying shots had been fired.

When they arrived, they found Natalie bleeding on a front door step suffering from gun shot wounds.

Emergency medical personnel later declared her dead at the scene.

Natalie's mother, Debbie Boggs, was in the house the night of the shooting, along with Thomas and Natalie's two children.

She told Casper Police investigators earlier in the evening, Thomas and Natalie got into an argument over money.

When the conversation ended, prosecutors say Thomas got his .45 caliber gun and when Natalie realized what was going on, she tried to flee and was gunned down at a neighbor's home.

Thomas then returned home, and pointed the gun at Boggs.

When interviewed, investigators said that Thomas told them he had been drinking earlier in the evening.

Prosecutors mentioned in their arguments, that while at a bar, Thomas was hitting on a female bartender, and even took his wedding ring off, saying his marriage to Natalie was as good as over.

During the reading of victim impact statements, Boggs told Judge Catherine Wilking that she wanted Thomas's life destroyed, just like Natalie's was, and if he ever gets out of prison, she fears for her life and the lives of her grandchildren.

She also said she still believes the murder was premeditated.

Other family members called Thomas a manipulative bully to Natalie and was a constant liar about many things.

Thomas's defense argued that Thomas has taken responsibility for his actions, and that he initially wanted to plead guilty, to first degree murder charges.

He apologized in court, but Judge Wilking said his actions were inexcusable.

Thomas Miller now has 30 days, to decide if he wants to appeal his sentence.