Size matters here in the Cowboy State. While we may have the smallest population, when it comes to land, Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the country.

Sweetwater County, the largest of 23 in Wyoming, is actually bigger than the states of Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut...combined.

In fact, the county itself is larger than eight states, also including Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maryland.

With nearly 10,427 square miles of land, Sweetwater County is the eighth largest county in America. Fremont, Carbon, Park and Natrona Counties all have more than 5,000 square miles of land. 

Hot Springs County has the smallest area of any Wyoming county, with just over 2,000 square miles. It's still bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware.

The average county is Wyoming has 4,221 square miles; the fourth highest average nationwide.



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