You don't have to be caught in an avalanche to potentially get seriously injured when you're on the mountain. A new video shows a skier that nearly suffocated while being trapped under a mere 2 feet of snow.

SWNS just dropped this video on YouTube.

I first saw this video shared on Digg. According to their story, the rescuers name is Will Fields. He indicated that he saw two legs sticking up out of the snow while he was going down the mountain by himself. The girl had fallen and gone face first into a snow bank. The weight of even just 2 feet of snow was more than she could escape from once trapped.

Once he realized what was happening, he waved down another skier to assist. Fortunately, he had a portable avalanche shovel as a part of his gear and was able to dig out the girl before she lost consciousness. His preparation ended up saving this girl's life as it was reported that she suffered no serious injuries.

From what I can gather, it appears this close encounter happened in the French Alps, but it could have happened anywhere. It's a good cautionary video for those that love the back-country. Even the simplest fall can leave you in peril if you're not prepared.

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