It may be a semi-sexist statement to say boys are better than girls at the majority of video game, except the fact the it's a market mostly aimed at males. That being said, I have quite a few female friends that hand me my @$$ on Call of Duty (that being said, they play more than me, but that's neither here nor there).

I have however learned, if I want my girlfriend to keep playing games with me, I have to let her win occasionally. Or at least play the games where she has a better chance of winning on her own. I have a decent collection of titles, but certain genres (car racing games, fighting games, puzzle games, etc.), we're on an even keel. If I want her to play games where I know my skill is a little superior, I will loose a few on purpose. At the very least, I celebrate less (see also: laugh at, dance, mock, make fun of), when I do emerge victorious.

AND THIS IS WHY!!! After watching the above video, even before it gets to the end, you'll see why the woman ALWAYS wins.