Be ready for some 'hard hitting' memories. Some of these images will recall some pain you wanted to forget. while making this list, it made me think about how accident prone and straight up clumsy, children are. We were the last of the gym days where when we scraped our knees we were told to "rub some dirt in it". The especially teary children were sent to the nurse where she would administer it for them. 

When we played games in gym, we played Hard. Man, I remember leaving P.E being covered in sweat, extremely out of breath, and sent back to class to just finish my day. Like it was nothing! We, as children, did not care. The scraped knees and bruised elbows helped fuel us, not that we always noticed them we were enveloped in our classroom war. 

This class built our sense of competition. Every kid wanted to be the M.V.P of their dodgeball team, the kid who catches the final out in kickball. We would set aside our friendships and all connections for 45 minutes and go ham.  

There were days in P.E that weren't just warfare, and sometimes those were the most memorable. Going through team building, and socializing exercises with your class always resulted in the widest smiles and the hardest laughter. 

As you scroll through these pictures let yourself relive some of those embarrassing or even proud moments. I hope this blast from the past allows you to remember. You may remember more than you thought. 

Oh the Grade school memories

Be ready to relive some of the best days and the smashed fingers.



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