Theory of a Deadman are back on the scene with their fifth studio album 'Savages' and it marks a bit of a departure for the group, who opened up the scope of their songwriting to include new subject matter.

In our exclusive video interview with Theory of a Deadman (watch above), frontman Tyler Connolly talks about why the band decided to explore more worldly topics on 'Savages.'

The group also gives some insight into lead 'Savages' single 'Drown' and such album standout tracks as 'Blow' and the ballad 'Angel.' As for the tune 'Blow' in particular, Connolly explains why he called out such celebs as Chris Brown and Kanye West in the song's lyrics.

Watch the video interview above, and be sure to pick up the 'Savages' album at iTunes and Amazon. You can also catch the band on tour at these locations.