Thanks to a new dating app, Hater, the one thing you may look for in a significant other is a mutual hate for something.

If you're into reality dating shows like I am (Million Dollar Matchmaker, FTW), you know that a common question that is asked is "What do you look for in a mate?" Many say things like good sense of humor, tall, great mile, eyes that make my heart melt... and so on and so forth. It's unlikely to hear something like "Well they have to hate people who use 'like' too often" or "I'd prefer them to dislike cabbage." It's seem fickle and self-serving, and actually puts a negative spin on something that is supposed to be positive.

Of course, when you think of little nagging quirks that turn into reasons for divorce, maybe it's not so weird.

A new dating app called Hater is out to united couples based on the things they hate the most. Real Prince Charming riding a white stallion stuff over here. With this research, based off people completing their dating profiles, the app has found what people hate the most in each state.

And it's fascinating.

Some hate basic things like going to the gym, asking for directions, or even Eli Manning. Others hate fidget spinners, sand, polo shirts and tuna salad. Really, nothing is off limits here, people.

Wyoming hates "gluten-free."

Many of us don't even know what gluten is for crying out loud. No, seriously... Can you help a sister out? It's an understandable dislike, unless you can't have gluten do to health issues. It's certainly not as weird as "biting string cheese" or "sleeping with the window open."

Check out the rest of this map...

Photo courtesy of Hater app
Photo courtesy of Hater app

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