Wyoming - rugged and adventurous, majestic and vast. In other words, it's a great spot to plan an adventure. If you've never been, or you're a Wyoming resident wanting to show it off, we tried to put together the ultimate two-week adventure.

We began by assuming an out-of-stater would be flying into Denver. Obviously this trip isn't an exact science so begin where you want, adjust what you want, and most importantly enjoy Wyoming!

Day 1: Denver International Airport to Cheyenne

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Agenda: Drive up I-25 for 90 minutes to Wyoming's capitol city.  If you plan well enough, you'll have time to hit the historic Downtown Depot Plaza for photo ops, visit the absolutely free Wyoming State Museum, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, and take a tour of the Wyoming State Capitol all in one day!

Where To Stay: The Historic Plains Hotel is a must for history lovers and convenient downtown access.

Day 2: Cheyenne to Saratoga (Via Laramie & Centennial)

Agenda: Head west on I-80 for 45 minutes to Laramie. Take a quick tour of the University of Wyoming and make sure you have time to eat and shop in downtown Laramie. From there, hop on WY 130 from some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see through Medicine Bow National Forest. Plan a quick stop in the quaint mountain town of Centennial.

Where To Stay: Saratoga Resort and Spa. Relax in the hot springs and get pampered at the spa.

Day 3: Saratoga to Atlantic City

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Agenda: After about a 2 1/2 hour drive wondering if you'll ever see civilization again, you'll find the small gold mining town of Atlantic City. Now population 39, Atlantic City was once a gold miners haven, and nearly named the capitol of Wyoming. While there, you can explore the Atlantic City ghost town, and try your hand at gold panning.

Where To Stay: Camping! You're in Wyoming after-all! There are many fantastic spots to set up camp near Atlantic City and South Pass.

Day 4: Atlantic City to Riverton (Via Lander)

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Agenda: After staying in an area with a population of 39 people, a 30 minute trip to see Lander's nearly 8,000 residents is in order. If you're still up for an outdoors activity, Sinks Canyon State Park is a wonderful spot to explore. Grab a burger and a beer at the Gannett Grill/Lander Bar. (PS - It's haunted!) After your Lander fun, head 30 minutes to Riverton.

Where To Stay: Riverton is home to the Wind River Hotel & Casino. You can try your hand at gambling and enjoy one of many shows introducing you to the Shoshone and Arapaho Native American Tribes.

Day 5: Riverton to Jackson Hole (Via Dubois)

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Agenda: Hit US 26 and head west for about an hour to the small town of Dubois. Whether you get there in time for breakfast or lunch is up to you, and either way, you'll be in luck at the historic Cowboy Cafe. Point the car west again for a couple hours and after winding through beautiful Togwotee Pass, eventually your eyes will meet the majestic Tetons.

Where To Stay: Jackson Hole is a tourist destination so this one is up to you. The Wort Hotel is a convenient spot to explore downtown, The Lost Creek Ranch is the ultimate spot to relax.

Day 6: Free Day In Jackson Hole

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Agenda: I can't send you to Jackson and ask you to leave the next day. So, live it up, explore downtown, the Tetons, and all of the sites!

Day 7: Jackson Hole to Yellowstone

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Agenda: A short drive north, and you're in Americas first National Park! Navigate your way through beautiful landscapes, wild animals, stunning geysers, and many other tourists.

Where To Stay: I'm partial to the Old Faithful Inn. Don't expect modern amenities, but it is right in the heart of the Upper Geyser Basin.

Day 8: Yellowstone Free Day

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Agenda: Again, I can't send you to Yellowstone and make you rush through it. Plan a day to take in all the sites! It's Wyoming's most popular tourist destination for a reason!

Day 9: Yellowstone To Cody

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Agenda: Say your goodbyes to Yellowstone and start heading east on Highway 14. 2 hours on the road and you'll be in the community of Cody. This is a fun small town with a lot of western culture. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is widely regarded as not only Wyoming's best museum, but one of the best in the west! Cody also features nightly rodeos and a fun downtown, full of western spirit.

Where To Stay: The Irma Hotel was built by the fella who Cody is named after, you may know him better as Buffalo Bill. The Irma was named after his daughter and a favorite of of Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, and a few Presidents!

Day 10: Cody to Big Horn National Forest 

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Agenda: Roughly a two hour trip will take you to the Big Horn Mountains. You've already seen the famous Tetons and frankly, those mountain will be your new Facebook display pic. But, Wyoming residents will argue the overall beauty in the Big Horn Mountain are more impressive. Take a night to spend hiking through the Big Horns, rent an ATV, and explore hundreds of great trails.

Where To Stay: Under the stars! If you're from the East Coast - I'm talking about camping.

Day 11: Big Horn National Forest to Paradise Guest Ranch

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Agenda: Less than an hour from most camping spots in the Big Horn Mountains is the Paradise Guest Ranch nestled against Buffalo, Wyoming. By now, you're in the full Wyoming spirit, which is good, because you'll need it. It's your day to become a cowboy, for a few hours at least. You'll go horseback riding, round-up cattle, learn to rope, fly fish in a creek, and have a cookout.

Where To Stay: The Paradise Guest Ranch features dozens of rustic cabins to hang your hat for a night.

Day 12: Paradise Guest Ranch to Sundance (Via Gillette & Devil's Tower)

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Agenda: It's roughly a 2 1/2 hour trip across I-90 to Devil's Tower National Monument. Well worth the trip for another photo op and to take in one of Wyoming's most well-known landmarks. Another half hour gets you to arguably one of the state's prettiest small towns, Sundance.

Where To Stay: The Bear Lodge Motel is a friendly mom & pop style motel in the middle of all the action in downtown Sundance. Although, everywhere you stay could be considered in the heart of the action, as Sundance is a town of only 1,100 residents.

Day 13: Sundance to Casper 

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Agenda: By this point I'm sure you've realized, there's some driving required to experience Wyoming. After a 3 hour trip, you'll be in Wyoming's second largest city, Casper. Congratulate yourself on a trip well done, you're a true Wyomingite now. A stop at Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitter is your reward. Custom make a Cowboy hat to commemorate your trip. Take time to watch the sun set over the Platte River, and grab a steak dinner.

Where To Stay: A lot of solid options in Casper. The C'Mon Inn is nice and has great hot tubs. The Ramkota is a good choice too, plus, it's really fun to say Ramkota.

Day 14: Casper to DIA

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Agenda: Your two weeks are up! You're done! Back to wherever you came from, but we have a strange feeling, you'll be back...