Back in the day, Green River, Wyoming was known as a mysterious and dangerous place to trod. One of those places was referred to as "The Suck," and it could kill you.

"The Suck," as it was called by locals, was mythological, but also a dreaded place because of what some people had experienced there.

"The Suck" was rumored to be a deadly waterfall and next to impossible to pass without the possibility of dying.

What would happen is when the waters rose, it would cause a swirling, of sorts, and the excess water would dump into Flaming Gorge.

Those who tried to pass over it were in danger of getting sucked into the swirl and hence the name "The Suck" became a place to avoid at all costs.

It's been said that the story made its way among fur trappers, as they camped around the fire at night.

The first time the lore made its way to print was in 1856 when the "Chief of the Crow Nations", James P. Beckwourth, penned it into his memoirs.

Beckwourth was a black trapper who claimed he rescued Ashley from the dangers of "The Suck" back in 1825 when the ladder fell out of the boat. According to Beckwourth's writings, Ashely held onto his shoulders where they were being pulled into 'The Suck.'

It wasn't until Thomas Fitzpatrick reached out, pulled and dragged them to safety.

Public Service Announcement: When crossing any body of water, be careful, lest you get sucked under and drown.



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