After the release of their 2013 album 'Comedown Machine,' the Strokes parted ways with RCA Records, their home base since their debut in 2001. Now, looking to the future, lead singer Julian Casablancas has his sights set on a different approach. He wants to see the next Strokes album released via his own label, Cult Records, also the home to his other band the Voidz, as well as Karen O.

"I think to work on music, on art, on the delivery -- and then at the last second to just give it to someone who totally doesn't understand what you're doing, in the past that's been a bummer," he recently told NME.  "With Cult, for one thing, the record price can be cheap. That's been a problem before. Also, people would show me awesome bands, or songs. Now if someone asks me for advice, I say, 'Sure, if you want to put it out we can do this thing'. It was just a chance to figure out how to put out records our own way."

Casablancas also had a thing or two to say on the sale of digital music via iTunes. "iTunes is such a negative force on music," he said. "People just go to iTunes to see what the new records are. And the best records are not there -- they're buried. So people think, 'Oh it doesn't exist.' But they just don't know about it."

The Strokes are set to begin work on a new album, their sixth, in early 2015.