We knew times were tough, but we didn't think the state was this strapped for cash. A Cheyenne company recently issued an eviciton notice to the State of Wyoming, claiming that the state is behind on rent for several office spaces.

Instead of looting other programs or raising taxes, here's an idea. Maybe the state should have a garage sale at the Governor's Mansion to help raise the rent money. It's not like anyone actually lives there, after all.

A lawsuit filed by the Voss Family Partnership alleges the state owes $931,000. That's a lot of money, but just imagine how much items from the mansion's Cold War-era fallout shelter could fetch.

The china collection alone is worth thousands. Historic artifacts and furnishings from each bedroom in the magnificent two-story Colonial Revival home and carraige house would also sell for a pretty penny.

If the State of Wyoming could recoup most of the $1.3 million they spent to renovate the mansion several years ago, perhaps they could afford to pay rent for a building they actually use.

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