Whenever my wife sees a spider, she unleashes a blood-curdling scream straight out of a horror movie. It's loud enough to wake the dead.

The next time you see a creepy insect crawling in your house, there's a online group that's spinning their web on the web. "Spiders of Wyoming" is a Facebook community where people from across the Cowboy State share pictures of spiders and learn how to deal with them.

There are 17 different spider species native to Wyoming, most of which aren't dangerous. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a poisonous spider anywhere near Poison Spider Creek, which is close to Poison Spider Road in Casper.

The Spiders of Wyoming page features nearly 200 photos, including images of a cat-faced spider, crab spider and wolf spider. The administrator hopes that educating the public about spiders will help "conquer the fear".

Of course, those efforts will have the opposite effect for some people, including my poor wife, who ran from the room screaming when I showed her the site.




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