Courtesy: Sheridan Media
Courtesy: Sheridan Media

The petition filed by a Sheridan media company to examine records in the Kristi Richardson case, has stirred up considerable interest and emotion in Casper, especially since the petition also mentions the late Mick McMurry.

One question that comes to mind is, why the owner of a small group of radio stations near the Montana border is so interested in a Casper missing person’s case?

Kim Love is the owner of Sheridan Media, and has been since 1974 under the company banner, Lovecom.

What is not explained in the petition is that there is a backstory to his relationship with the late Mick McMurry.

According to those close to the incident, a couple of years ago, the two businessmen were in conflict over water rights on a particular piece of property. And when the dust had cleared, Love did not prevail.

K2 Radio news has received information that indicated Love’s reaction to the incident, and in the words of one source, his hard feelings toward McMurry.

We asked Love’s attorney, Bruce Moats of Cheyenne, for a comment and he suggested we talk with Love himself.

Which we did. After much conversation about various "rumors" he had heard that piqued his interest in the case, we had this exchange.

K2: You had a business conflict with Mick McMurry, did you not?

Love: Absolutely. We were not friends.

K2: And you lost.

Love: I'm not sure that I lost.

K2: It was a dispute over water rights, was it not?

Love: It had to do with a pipeline that was built to provide water to my ranch that the previous owner had not filed proper paperwork for. So, all of McMurry's water crosses my ranch to get to his thing, and it left a very bad taste in my mouth,, we were not friends. I'm not pretending that...we were not friends.

And who knows, had it not been for how I felt about him, this might never have even shown up on my radar. I was aware of him and what I felt about're absolutely correct. we were not friends.

K2: So the relationship was very negative, and, if we are going to deal in rumors, we have been told that you had vowed to ruin his reputation.

Love: That's not true. Who said that?

K2: It was information given to us, that this was virtually, a personal vendetta.

Love: No, this was a really good story.

K2: And your personal feelings had nothing to do with your interest from up in Sheridan?

Love: Very minor.

Whatever the truth here, the two cases have now been turned over to the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation, and their work is already underway.

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