Today I came across a video on YouTube of a skateboarder doing a back flip down a set of stairs.  It was a short, impressive little video no more than 30 seconds in length.  The trick this dude lands was remarkable, but the real astonishing part wasn't even in the video.  It was in the comments section.

Angry people lashing out at one another on the internet is nothing new.  With the inception of the internet, haters of all kinds now had a common ground to hate on.  Discussion forums, blog sites, and social media sites are breeding grounds for hate filled people to share their unhappy perceptions of what they see.  Most haters stick to topical issues to complain about such as politics, religion, and other hot button issues.  In this instance, it was all over a 30 second video of a guy doing a skateboard trick.


This discussion goes unnecessarily international.  Is this what things are coming down to?  An option for a comment is an invite for hate apparently.  It is ridiculous and humorous that a 30 second video of a skateboard trick can trigger global bickering.  Not all the comments were negative, but a good portion of them were just petty shots at one another.  Some complained about the trick, others defended.  The dude from the video had to even join in for a moment to defend his 30 second video controversy.  He did so in a respectable manner, without resorting to name calling and negativity.


As I mentioned, angry people hiding behind the internet is nothing new.  I felt this one was worth a post due to the absolute absurdity of the context.  Writing this was a challenge in itself.  Not sure if I accomplished it, but I was trying to not become a hater myself.  Hatin' on haters is fuel to the fire, and I'm not trying to burn anything down.  Just another day in the hatin' game.

I have included the video because it really is impressive, so take a look.