Sometimes when they say it is a delicacy, it is just weird or downright disgusting. The foods on this list are unique to their region and actually taste good. The creative folk at Thrillist put together a list of Every State's Grossest Food (That People Actually Love), and the Cowboy State's grossest food sounds good. I have to say that some of the other states in our wonderful nation have it much, much worse.

For example take Akutaq from Alaska. It is kind of like ice cream, but since dairy is not that easy to come by in the tundra, they use whatever kind of fat they can find. It can be made with seal or moose fat. I don't see myself trying seal berry akutau any time soon.

In Florida their delicacy is gator tail. I happened to try some on a recent trip, and it tastes like chicken but has a shrimp or lobster texture. It was very good in a gumbo.

Colorado is known for shredded wheat. Why? I guess the stuff was invented there. The big question is who decided to frost the wheat? He put the bomp in the bomp-bah-bomp-bah-bomp.

Our neighbors up North in Montana get the honor of getting rocky mountain oysters. The testicular treat is served all over the west including Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. I'm glad the annual Testy Fest gave Montana the edge for this list item.

When it comes down to the Cowboy State's gross food that people actually love, it is a Chuckwagon breakfast - WIN!! No weird items that we can't pronounce. No essence of newt or roadkill. Just eggs, beans, and bacon cooked over an open fire. Is that pride I am feeling about our wonderful state?? Yes, it is.

This is just a big ol' breakfast cooked over a fire, cowboy-style. Beans, eggs, the whole shebang. But the word "chuckwagon" reminds us of old dog food commercials, and the whole experience can also really get screwed up by flies. Or coyotes. Whatever, it's Wyoming. - Wil Fulton on

Obviously the writer knows nothing of the old west or Wyoming. How the guy associates a chuckwaggon with dog food is beyond me. Plus the wind keeps the flies away, and my colt 45 keeps the coyotes at bay. Otherwise, I won't question his story, but rather rejoice that we didn't get something totally disgusting. Bacon?

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