Time to FUNK it up! The Pamlico Sound is a high energy, all-original, Funk’n Soul band! Featuring horns, keys, drums, and so much more this band will get your feet movin’ and your body groovin’! This big-band packs a big punch, prep your dancing shoes it’s time to get down.

TPS (the Pamlico Sound) draws their inspiration from Sly & The Family Stone, and Parliament Funkadelic. Their website says they aim for a “Jive-Church" feel, meaning everyone on their feet moving, grooving, clapping, dancing, and singing. Through a whole group of musicians who are masters of their craft, they have carved a funk sound all their own. TPS is easy to listen to, and will definitely have you dancing without even thinking about it.

The Pamlico Sound Champions this fresh Funk style, and have been recognized by The Marquee Magazine, Westword, Colorado music buzz, The Colorado Daily, Yellow Scene, and Boulder Beat. They’ve received airplay through many radio stations (which in this day and age is an even HARDER accomplishment than it used to be). This band has played countless shows, they’ve co-headlined, headlined, and FILLED theaters.

Listening to them as we speak, I can confirm that these are real musicians, sometimes changing their style almost completely, mid-song! The smoothest transition I have ever heard from funk to raggae, pop-rock, you name it. These guys approach each piece they make with excitement, they are unafraid to try new things, and man do they coordinate it like the absolute rockstars they are.

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