Football has the Mannings and Matthews. Basketball has the Barrys and the Waltons. Baseball has the Griffeys and Ripkens. And in Pine Bluffs, Wyo., there's the Fornstrom family.

Last week, four Fornstroms were on the court when the Hornets won their second state basketball championship in three years. In the fall, five Fornstroms were on the field when Pine Bluffs won their second consecutive state football title. There were also three Fornstroms on the court at the 2A Girls State Basketball Tournament.

All told, nine Fornstroms played sports for Pine Bluffs High School this year: Haize, Wyatt, Andrew, Doug, Maddie, Hyleigh, Sydney, Jesse and Johnna. Recent graduates Jaiden, Chris and Hesston were also standout athletes for the Hornets.

Haize won All-State honors in two sports and will play football at the University of Wyoming. His cousin Andrew was named to the All-State basketball team. Their cousin Wyatt won two state titles and a Citizenship Award for his work in the community.

While Pine Bluffs opponents will be glad to see Haize and Wyatt graduate, they still have another wave of Fornstroms to deal with. Andrew and Doug will be seniors next year. Maddie, Hyleigh and Sydney are only sophomores and there's more on the way. Ryan is a 7th grader and there are also a few Fornstroms in elementary school. If they follow in the footsteps of their siblings and cousins, they could rewrite the Wyoming record books.



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