As artic air engulfs the Cowboy State this week, just be thankful you're not one of these poor people.

Here's our completely unoffocial and totally subjection list of the five coldest professions in the Cowboy State today.

1. Park Rangers - Yellowstone National Park is the coldest place in the country today, with temperatures in some parts of the park reaching 27 degrees below zero. Luckily, there are warming stations througout the park. The rangers and guides leading snowmobiling and snowshoe trips are going to need them today.

2. Ski Lodge Workers - Most of Wyoming's largest ski resorts have opened. Sub-zero temperatures and wind gusts will make life miserable for the outdoor ski patrols in the high country this week.

3. Oil Field Workers - Working in the oil fields is a tough gig even when the weather is nice. There's a reason why these guys are called "roughnecks" and they'll be freezing their necks off this week.

4. Construction Crews - While some construction projects may be take a break during extreme weather, most of the crews will be outside working this week. And there's not enough layers to stay warm when it's -2 degrees and you're on a roof.

5. The Mailman - Not only does the mailman spend most of his (or her) day outdoors, they also drive through snowy streets and walk through unplowed sidewalks. Adding insult to injury, the holilday season is the busiest time of the year. It's almost enough to make you go postal.