If you're looking to party hard when KISS returns to CFD, here's a fun drinking game.

These are the rules for the Cheyenne Frontier Days KISS Concert Drinking Game:

1. Whenever Paul Stanley makes a double entendre to introduce a song, take a drink.

2. Whenever Paul Stanley compares Cheyenne to the other cities on the tour, take a drink.

3. Whenever Gene Simmons screams "Let me hear ya", take a drink.

4. When Paul Stanley refers to his case of "rock 'n roll pneumonia", take a drink.

5. Whenever Gene or Paul points to a fake sound meter while encouraging the audience to get louder, finish your beer.

WARNING: Side affects of The Cheyenne Frontier Days KISS Concert Drinking Game include: possible incarceration, vomiting, an enourmous bar tab, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, dehydration and/or multiple trips to the restroom.