As a little boy Steven Newman had a dream of walking around the world. One day in 1983, at age 33, he must have woke up and decided, "Well, I better get that done."

To prepare for his trip, the former Casper newspaper reporter hiked and camped across Montana and Wyoming. He moved to Ohio for a new job but considered himself in good enough shape for the trip. That is where he began his long walk.

Since he could not walk on water he allowed himself to fly or take a boat across oceans.

In his book, World Walk, he describes fantastic people and danger. In Turkey, for example, he arrived in the middle of a civil war. Not a good time for a man, on foot, who speaks many languages and is taking pictures of everything, to walk into the country. Steven was arrested. He feared for his life. But the guard made a mistake when he went to the toilet in the middle of the night, leaving Steven in a room with a window he could open. Steven took his chances and made his escape.

He walked through 21 nations on five continents. It took a little over four years to finish his journey.

Recently Steven's story was featured on the TV show Mysteries At The Museum. The episode begins by showing his hiking shoes on display at an Ohio museum.


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