The website has found a way to rate the schools across the country. The site uses the test scores of each school comparing it to the national average. Plus they use feedback from parents and students. Then they give each school a 1-10 score (10 being the best) using that data. In Casper we take pride in our school, but how do they compare to each other? says when using these ratings it is also important to visit these schools because a good rating may not translate to your child’s needs. In other words these ratings are only a tool, so don’t forget to do your homework.


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    Woods Learning Center rates WLC with a 7

    One parent said:

    I have 3 children who attend WLC, and all of them are doing well. I couldn't ask for a more caring staff or a better overall program. Students at Woods are taught to think and create. They are taught to appreciate different cultures and different points of view. At the same time, they do well on standardized tests, so basic skills are obviously being taught. Every year, the kids do independent research projects--starting in kindergarten. These projects allow the students to focus on a subject of their choice while learning research, writing organizational, and public speaking skills. It's a wonderful program.

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    Paradise Valley Elementary School gives Paradise Valley a score of 7
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    Southridge Elementary School gives Southridge an 8

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    This is by far the best school my son has attended, and their PAWS tests and academic aptitude tests reflect this. The classes are small, and the teachers are attentive. The principal gets there early, and stays late...he even knows everyone by name! I would recommend this school to anyone in Casper, or anyone who is moving to Casper. Southridge is one of the only reasons we will not move out of town!

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    Ft. Caspar Academy rates Ft. Caspar Academy with an 8

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    This is a wonderful school. Not only are the teachers and staff helpful and caring, but they emphatically enforce a 'zero tolerance' policy for bullying. They teach children how to stand up for themselves, how to behave respectfully in public, and how to help when others are in trouble. I loved that the academics were excellent and that my children were safe and free to learn. Any problems I had were dealt with (most of the time directly by the principal) in a very timely manner. Most of the teachers are fantastic to communicate with and they take keeping parents informed very seriously. I dearly wish I could pack them up and take them with me!

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    Oregon Trail Elementary School gave OregonTrail a score of 9

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    Excellent school, great community. ALL schools are "schools of choice" here - and this is our choice.