The band Gooding is making a stop tomorrow afternoon in Casper, at Kelly Walsh High School. The Financial Literacy Tour is designed to empower young people to take charge of the financial futures.


  • Trusting your heart and following your passion
  • The importance of self-reliance
  • The impact of educationeducation and finding mentors in your community
  • Financial Literacy—pitfalls, plans of action, warnings against predatory lending/pay day loanspay day loans etc.
  • Slow and steady wins the race— not believing the hype of overnight success (examples of athletes, actors and actresses and music stars who are in severe financial stress)
  • Expenses rising to meet incomeincome (the façade of inheritance, lottery, record deals, pro-sports deals etc solving one’s long term problems)
  • Lessons learned from a life in the music business and how these experiences extend to any field
    (i.e., this is an interdisciplinary presentation

Gooding is a Band of Brothers that has traveled all of the lower 48. They began in a garage in Wichita, Kansas and have been on the road for 8 years.

They've had music in movies and TV. You've probably heard 'em and didn't realize it. Have you ever watched, Walk the Line, Ice Age 2, The Closer? Like I said you've heard their music before.

The band is playing at Kelly Walsh today as part of the FTF Program. Gooding explains FTF.

Do you find that kids are receptive to your message?

Can we expect new music soon?




The show at Kelly Walsh will feature some soul-stirring, foot stomping Rock & Roll.


Get a taste of Gooding here.