No one really likes driving in the snow. We all just deal with it. These storms hit the state like a heavyweight. It knocks out power lines and halts traffic. For the most part, Casperites know how to drive in the snow. For those who don't or are new to town, here is the list of 10 Commandments for winter driving in Casper. For the local experts in snow travel, you will nod your head in agreement, amen.

The 10 Commandments For Winter Driving in Casper

The town of Casper has its unique challenges during the winter. We have no-plow streets, the wind changes the winter landscape hourly, and the plows leave mountains of snow in the middle of the road. We are also blessed with some great people that are willing to give a helping hand when needed. These are the unspoken rules of the road here in Wyoming.

30 Things People Do When it Snows

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