For snowmobilers across the country, the "Widow Maker" is one of Wyoming's most legendary peaks.

At an elevation of 11,330 feet, the hill is located on the northeast side of Medicine Bow Peak, adjacent to Brown's Peak; the largest in the Snowy Mountain Range.

Every year, the site attracts hundreds of thrill seekers and daredevils, including this guy who took a wild ride up the Widow Maker last month...and lived to tell about it.

Of course, it's called the Widow Maker for a reason. While many have conquered the peak over the years, even expert snowmobilers risk serious injury, and even death, on the treacherous terrain.

The Widow Maker is one of several snowmobile trails in the Snowy Range. In fact, the Snowy Range Brewery in Centennial, Wyoming, even produces a beer called "Widow Maker Ale".




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