The Broncos play on Thursday, the University Of Wyoming Cowboys play on Saturday.   All this talk about football might have you thinking about one thing, TAILGATING!

According to Weber Grill, these are the "must haves" when it comes to  successful tailgating:  food, (well, duh) followed by a grill to toss that food on, a cooler filled with ice, alcoholic beverages to put in that iced cooler, (don't forget a designated driver) comfortable lawn chairs, and a good windbreaker or jacket in case it gets cold.  What surprised me was, 50% in this Weber poll said the one thing that really isn't a must have in to the game!  REALLY?  You mean you'd go to the stadium where the game is about to begin, and hang out with all of your friends who actually have tickets, and then when it's over, you say good bye to all your tailgating game goers and go home?  Wouldn't you rather stay home and toss on your own tailgating party in your back yard if you didn't have tickets to the game?  I've never done that before, have you?

This also has me wondering, what's more important to you?  The game or just the tailgating?