It’s Almost Take Your Child To Work Day
This coming Thursday, April 26th is Take Your Child To Work Day.  I remember being a kid and going to work with my mom.  I hated her job and all "real" jobs in general.  That's why I work in radio today.  However, I did learn a few things from those LONG ei…
Best Late To Work Excuses
This morning, I woke up a half hour before I needed to be on the road. I totally slept through my alarm clock and everything. Hell, the only reason I woke up is because the sun came through the windows.
Working More Than 11 Hours a Day Will Kill You
THIS is exactly why you should always slide down the dinosaur and peddle your car home with your feet as SOON as your work day’s over.
According to a new study out of University College London, working 11 hours or more on a daily basis will KILL YOU.