weird videos

Hotel Video Is Super Freaky [VIDEO-POLL]
It's not to often that videos trip me out, however this gem leaves me scratching my head. I will be totally up front and tell you, I believe there are entities among us. That comes from having a freaky experience with my mom & dad in a church parking lot years ago. I still think of that eve…
Is Squashing The New Planking?…We Hope Not [VIDEO]
Sooo...Sometimes we come across super weird videos, in the midst of looking for videos of hot chicks. At first we're annoyed. But then we continue to watch these videos and realize that we need to share them with the world. This is one of those videos...People are into weird shit.
PoGo or Go Home- Hardcore Pogo-ing [VIDEO]
Much like  "hardcore parkour" was the "fad" last year, it seems like the new cool thing to do is Pogo GoPro.   Now, I didn't think it was possible, but these guys made pogo-ing look cool. Don't believe me? Check it, bitches!

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