What Will Happen When Yellowstone Erupts?
I know for years that there have been some pretty crazy and interesting theories of what exactly will happen when the supervolcano finally let's lose, but I always enjoy finding new things on the internet of what other people think will happen.
Watch Volcano Erupt
A terrifying scene unfolded Sunday when Japan's Mount Ontake erupted -- while climbers were in the midst of scaling the 10-000-foot-high volcano.
Free Beer & Hot Wings: Mount Ontake’s Eruption Caught On Tape by Japanese Hiker [Video]
Mount Ontake erupted on Saturday afternoon, raining down a cloud of ash on central Japan. It has seriously or fatally injured at least 32 people, The Washington Post reported. More than 250 hikers were making their way up the volcano, Japan's second highest at 10,062 feet, when it blew its top. One of the hikers pulled out his cell phone and started recording as the massive plumes of ash shot int