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Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
I was one of those kids raised by TV. While I like to reminisce about crappy shows no longer on air (Barney Miller comes to mind), I really miss "Married With Children". While I was more into Kelly Bundy's tight outfits at the time it was on-air, now-a-days I think more about Al Bundy and the crap he had to go through as the head of his dysfunctional household...
Why You Should Be Watching Your Girlfriend’s Awful TV Shows
You and your girlfriend probably have a few shows that you watch together- Breaking Bad, Homeland, Parks and Recreation- but outside of that, her TV habits are probably a mystifying, terrifying spectacle of slutty women screaming at each other, and lots of crying while sewing. However, take heed gentlemen: there are a few reasons why watching your girlfriend's guilty pleasure shows can be a smart

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