This Is How Nerf Wars Should Be In Real Life [VIDEO]
The best thing about having male preteen children is getting to play with their toys. Let's be honest, men never actually really grow up. Our toys just get bigger and more expensive. Maybe that's why this Nerf battle courtesy of the YouTube channel RackaRacka really made my day.
What Was Your Favorite Nostalgic Toy When You Were A Kid?
Most kids say they want all the “tech” gadgets for Christmas this year, anything from the I-Pads to the latest X-Box. But remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait for Santa to bring you that Easy Bake Oven, (nothing like cooking a cake using a 75 watt lighbulb) or how about those Power Ranger action figures. Anything made from companies like Fisher Price, Hasbro Mattel or Wamm-O, were big hits for we kids of the baby boom! Which toy do you remember the most?

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