The Toilet Seat: Who’s Responsibility Is It? [POLL]
Its the age old battle.  Who should be responsible for the toilet seat being put up or down?  Should the men claim sole responsibility, or should the women?  Should it be a shared responsibility?  Take the poll, and lets clear this up once and for all.
New Polish Ice Toilet Guaranteed to Ruin Your Day
Anyone who has ever used the public transportation system in America knows that sometimes the conditions can be less than favorable for providing a comfortable, odor-free travel experience. However, sitting next to a crowd of people that smell like an old, musty jockstrap is nothing compared to ridi…
Port-A-Potties Suck!
Earlier this week, I found this note (above) hung on the ladies restrooms and I was scurd. There was nothing else to do but use the dreaded port-a-potties!