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‘The Simpsons’ Marathon and Our Ongoing Pan-and-Scan Nightmare
'The Simpsons' marathon continues for its sixth straight day on FXX today amidst a growing chorus of complaints about the network’s decision to alter the format of every episode from the show’s first nineteen seasons. As detailed in Max O’Connell’s recent article on Indiewire, FXX has cropped and stretched pre-HD 'Simpsons' installments from their original 4:3 aspect ratio (the height and width of our old standard-definition TVs) to 16:9 (the dimensions of our new HD sets), apparently in order to make sure that no one suffers through old television episodes with black bars on the sides of the image.
‘The Simpsons’ Sets FXX Debut with Massive 522 Episode 12-Day Marathon
A few months ago we heard the monumental news that FXX had paid an astonishing $750 million for syndication and streaming rights to the entire library of 'The Simpsons,' not only an unprecedented deal in the history of TV rights, but also for making America's favorite animated family more accessible than ever before. Now, the network has announced its intent to kick things off with an impressive 1
‘The Simpsons’ Streaming: All 530 Episodes Hit FXNow in August
'The Simpsons' has made countless headlines over the last year with its tributes to famed artists, LEGO tie-ins and memorial content, but the biggest story won't hit until late 2014. Following the massive syndication deal struck with FX, all 530 episodes across 24 seasons of the long-running FOX comedy will be made available to stream via FXNow!

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