Casper Could Be Seeing It’s Own Superhero Sooner Than We Think
I am a huge comic book/superhero fan ever since birth I have loved the idea of being a superhero. I know that sounds absolutely insane. But I did stumble across one of the best big boy toys that I've seen in my entire life, and to be honest I can't believe that someone in Casper hasn't ordered this off the internet yet.
Superhero Fun Run Benefits 2 Casper Organizations
A superhero themed 1k/5k fun run/walk to benefit two charities – Be the Match Foundation, dedicated to finding bone marrow matches for patients fighting leukemia, and for a charity providing funds to research CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), a debilitating pain disorder ... Read More ...
Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
I've never really been into comic books, but I've always watched the movies. The down side to this is I have no idea what they're talking about most times, but I'm all about the pretty pictures. If I was going to be a super-hero, I think I'd call myself "Roto-Rooter Man", because I can clean out a damsel's sewer pipe in no time...
Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
I can honestly say that if I had super powers, I would most likely use them for my own purposes - or evil, depending on your point of view. It's not that I'm a bad guy, I'm just a douche who would take advantage of any possible leg-up on the police...
DC’s Next Superhero Movie Will Be…
While riding the ‘Men In Black 3’ promotional circuit, director Barry Sonnenfeld hinted that he was circling a new comic book movie for DC and Warner Bros. but stopped short of revealing which title it would be. Today, we figure out what he was talking about.
11-Year Old Breaks Hand Punching Superhero In The Stomach
When we last checked in on “real life” superhero ‘Phoenix Jones,’ the Seattle-based crime fighter was getting arrested after he peppered sprayed a group of brawlers outside an area nightclub. Jones might get on the nerves of the authorities — who would rather he just call them then involve himself in such incidents — but he has become somewhat of a folk-hero in the Pacific Northwest. Even so, eve
DC Outs Green Lantern as Its New Gay Superhero
DC Comics made headlines recently by announcing that one of its major heroes was going to be revealed as an openly gay character. Today, the company came clean by declaring that the homosexual hero is Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.