WY. Best To Make A Living
Wyoming energy sectors have taken hits and jobs have been lost, gloomy stuff indeed. But from a national viewpoint, Forbes has just released “The 10 Best And Worst States To Make A Living In 2016,” and Wyoming came in first place…. On the BEST LIST... Read More ... Read More ...
You’re Worth $8,000 More In Wyoming Than Colorado
TestTube News via YouTube There are a lot of attractive aspects to Colorado. I know because I lived there for many years. But I left there with my wife for life in Wyoming. We liked the people and other things here and now, we have another thing to like about Wyoming; No state income tax...
Does Our Cowboy State Have A State Song?
So, what’s in the lyrics of a song? I think in this case it’s not so much the lyrics but who wrote them that was priceless, or in this case, pricey! Someone shelled out almost $200-thousand dollars for the lyrics that were handwritten by Bruce Springsteen himself, of one of his biggest hits, “Born To Run,” a song that the state of New Jersey really wanted to have as their state song…REALLY? Have you ever listened to the lyrics to Born To Run?”
Which State’s Residents Spend the Most Time Sitting On the Couch?
A new report broke down every state in the U.S. with one main question: How many people there are willing to get off the couch and exercise for a few hours a week? And the results are just about what you’d expect. TENNESSEE finished in last place on the list. Only 51.8% of adults there do any sort of moderately-intense activity for at least two hours a week.